1. Social Practice in Summer

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1. Social Practice in Summer

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1. Social Practice in Summer

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Nowadays, the competition of the employment situation is becoming fiercer and fiercer. In such a tough social environment, even the college students are confronted with enormous pressure. Although it’s painful to get out of the ivory tower to go through the rainstorm, I’d like to join in the unavoidable situation.

How time flies! It is six months since last social practice in summer. My feeling about it liked a five-flavored bottle, and they are sour, sweet, bitter and spicy. Last summer holiday, I chose to be a translator in a garment company where I harvest a lot. All in all, I enjoyed a meaningful summer holiday.

One should make sufficient preparation for everything before he starts out. Before my entering the company, I depicted a blue print that I would communicate skillfully with foreigners and showed my excellent talents. But when I got to the company, the first thing I was told by my master was to read all the e-mails she sent and got with the foreigners. I was a little unhappy at first. How could she look down upon me? I was a college student major in English. Can’t I write an e-mail in English? Not to mention reading an e-mail in English. As I began to read, I found that some formal expression and specialized terms were hard for me to understand. Then I buried myself into those e-mails for about 5 days. You may wonder that isn’t it a chore to read e-mails for 5 days? Of course not. Not only did I learn the format of e-mail with foreigners, but also I learnt some native expression to give wishes. And writing e-mails was a fundamental and regular matter during a translator’s daily work. The first lesson I learnt from summer practice was to make full preparation before you get start.

The working place is a further place for you to study. Many students, including me, take the view that campus is the only place for study. Actually, it’s not. During the following 5 days, my job was to recite professional words. Those words like “cuff-link”, watch-pocket”, “crotch” were strange to me. I can tell others the English name of every part of a cloth. Those days, I was told to copy 100 meeting materials. As I never copied material before, I just told them frankly. Then I learnt it immediately and I became a specialized girl who in charge of the copy working. There is an old saying: it’s never too late for someone to learn. It is the same to our college students. Graduation isn’t equal to an end to study.

As a translator, one should also be familiar with the culture of foreigner countries. During the last 20 days, I followed my master to meeting foreigners as an assistant. The first one was a middle aged white man. As he came, my master didn’t go straight talking business with him. My master just asked the condition of his life, mood of him. It was a technique to shorten the distance between two people. Then I learnt that the serials of clothing made in our company got some problems. The man was actually in fury. My master told him, smilingly, that she would show him the stream line of our company and then found where the problem lied in. If the problem lied with our company, my master comforted him that we would took responsibility for this matter. I admired my master so much an introspected. Before that as long as I came across such a condition, the reaction of mine was to reason with others and made every effort to prove that I was right. That was to inflame other’s anger. Accordingly, work isn’t simple work. One should learn how to communicate and associate with others. People often say life is art. As far as I am concerned, job is also art.

As a newcomer, one should lower his posture before those experienced ones, even a cleaner. I didn’t mean that you should flatter them. I mean that those staffs are really living books from which you can learn a lot and they’re your shortcuts. As I entered the company, I showed my politeness to a cleaner. Then before lunch time, she told me to bring a spoon as there was no ready spoon. In spite of a small event, one can find that at least, it spare you of starving. Hence, one should be polite and modest as a newcomer, and then you will harvest even twice.

The summer part-time job had given me fruitful harvest, from which, I benefited a lot. I believe that this experience will become the morning star guiding me the direction for my career. Indeed, the summer social practice let me get out of campus, and have better ways to understand the society, to contact the society and to integrate myself into the society.


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