5. My Meaningful Vacation

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My hometown Guangxi is a beautiful place. You will leave an impression on many special landscapes if you travel here. In this vacation, I had a good chance to visit some of them. I would like to share some of these good sights with you. I got to Huangyao at the first station. Someone once said, “Huangyao is like a thousand years old book of poetry, kept on a lonely shelf in the corner of the library. When you pass by and turn the beautiful pages, the amazing impressions will occupy your entire mind!” It deserves the fame. Huangyao is over 1000 years old with a history going back to the Song dynasty. There are many special historic houses, old trees and temples making up this amazing town. In particular, all of the stone buildings are uniform two meter’s high. I walked on those stone roads and thought about the historical change. Long ago, Huangyao’s transportation was very poor. So it was hard for enemies to invade. Thus this old town protected many famous people’s life. Until now, it still keeps the old natural style. Next I will introduce another beautiful sightseeing. This amazing view was printed in 1999 edition of 20 yuan background pattern. This picture comes from the old and famous town Xingping. I sat on the bamboo raft waving on the Lijiang River. It was a wonderful feeling drifting in the water. There are many trees and mountains in different kinds of shape on both sides. Wherever you get to is very beautiful natural scenery. The different shapes of stone mountains make up these magical pictures. How amazing about the natural workmanship is! It is the spirit of the green. I enjoyed myself in the natural heaven. Beside these two famous scenic spots, I also went to other glamorous places. In a word, I was so cheerful to visit these charming places.

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