8. Solutions to Employment Issue

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We must explore the root cause of a problem before solving it. It’s not reasonable to discuss problems without taking into consideration the actual situation is unwise. Firstly, China is the world's most populous nation, with the population of 1.3 billions. However, about 6.96% of them are senior citizens, which is a group of people who lose the ability to work. That is to say, they need the support from government and enterprises, which results in the increasing pressure on government and enterprises .In order to relieve stress, government officials and enterprise managers have to dismiss employees and recede working positions. In this way, they can get money from the unemployed and put the money into pension plans. Secondly, some companies raise the level of the employment requirement to reduce the number of the excess interviewees and gain durative competitive advantages .They focus on what kinds of certificates the interviewees own rather than how many abilities they have. The most evident effect is that a large number of graduates from average colleges meet the problem of unemployment. In truth, the students graduating from top universities have better ability and more opportunities since they have better learning atmosphere and stronger faculty and facilities. That is why lots of college graduates with accredited diplomas can not find satisfying jobs. As for the second factor, this is an obstacle mainly in college students' way of hunting jobs. Thirdly, there is a serious shortage of high-skilled individual in our country. Most of the students tend to choose hot majors in stead of certain fields. Even some choices are made by their parents. In this case, the employment prospect of out-of-the-way majors is facing relatively greater challenges compared with that of so-called hot majors. In consequence, the employment markets of hot majors are crowded while numerous vacant positions begin to appear in those out-of-the-way fields. Fourthly, the level of urban-rural gap continues to widen so that thousands of millions farm workers have flocked by the millions to cities, which imposes much invisible pressure on the employees in cities. As the famous Chinese saying goes, “Thousands of people are forcing themselves across a single-log bridge”. Given all that, it’s quite appropriate to describe the phenomenon of job employment. In short, employment issue has profound influence on every aspect of our life, especially on college and university students. This is a serious practical issue for Chinese government to settle. Then what should we do to contain the bad situation and keep the high employment rate?

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