12.Smiling to Life

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Who is Huo Yuanjia? I think everybody has heard of him, and I am no exception. He is one of the most famous patriots in the history. However, his spirit of facing setbacks directly, and his smiling in a difficult life are not known well by everyone of us. After visiting his former residence today, I cannot help revering him. Especially the word he said after he was poisoned. I will remember it clearly in a long time. He said: “we are unable to choose the start of the life, but we must certainly have the courage to walk until the end of our life”. How deeply and simply the word is! But it expressed clearly that his spirit of facing setbacks, and the spirit of smiling in a difficult life. What we contemporary college students are short of? We lack these spirits. Many of us lack these spirits. In recent years, college students’ suicide events occur frequently. For example, because of losing her lover, a junior student of Wuhan University, Wu Lingling, jumped off a building and died at the age of 22 last year. Because of failing in the examination, a senior student Zhou Bin commits suicide in his room. And because of cannot find a good job, a senior student of Zhejiang University, Lin Zhi, commit suicide several days ago. Just because of feelings very frustrated, disappointed, stressed of employment, these students choose commit suicide. It let me couldn’t help thinking why our higher-educated students even don’t have the courage to assume our own life. Why do we have to let the precious life falling as quietly as the sad autumn leaves? Why are we so fragile? The reason is very simple; it is because we are not optimistic enough. We should learn from Huo Yuanjia. When we are in emotional imbroglio, disappointed in studies, stressed by employment, and can’t find a realistic export, even if we have no strength to look up to the infinite sky, please be calm and meditative. We should try to find simplicity from busy bewilderment, and should be revere the precious life. We should learn to face all kinds of not reasonable things and of all kinds of difficulties optimistically in our life. We should not haggle over for every small ounce, and not sullen for personal gain and loss. We should not going to be a self-pity person, and do not complain, either. When we encounter difficulties, we should always remind ourselves that there is nine times out of ten are not equal in our lives and our roads cannot always be plain.

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